Our History

Umpqua Investments' History

These days, most financial institutions are the product of multiple mergers and complex acquisitions. So it wouldn’t be unusual for one to assume that Umpqua Investments arose from the same wandering path. However, our history shows a decidedly different lineage. We’re a local company, built on hard work, honesty and delivering more to customers, which is just what’s expected from a business bearing the Umpqua name.

More than 80 Years of History

Our heritage began more than eight decades ago, in what was then the small town of Portland, Oregon. Our founders started out selling bonds to build the local sewer system, thereby establishing an infrastructure, and building a city that many people call home.

From these humble roots, one of the West coast’s most respected businesses evolved: Strand Atkinson Williams and York. It was the belief in a high code of ethics, fundamental financial principles and responsibility to client’s goals that created generations of trust, loyalty and results. This long history has seen some pivotal market moments: the crash of 1929, the depression, and the boom years. We have witnessed them all, and developed strategies to adapt.

Becoming Umpqua Investments

In 1999, Strand, Atkinson, Williams and York became part of Umpqua Holdings Corporation, and continues to exemplify the passion for innovation and commitment to client service that is synonymous with the Umpqua name.

Much has changed in the modern financial marketplace since our inception. But, walking the halls of our offices, talking to our advisors, observing our actions and listening to our customers, you'd find ample evidence of the same local spirit and honest values that our business was founded on eight decades ago.