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A refreshing approach to investment services.
Working together.

About Umpqua Investments

Umpqua Investments is based here on the West coast, with an office in your community. This means we can get to know you on a personal basis. It means face-to-face meetings with a trusted partner rather than long-distance dialing to a call center three time zones away. It means relationships that span decades and generations, not just months or years.

Access to world-class talent that shares your thinking, and your zip code.

We opened our doors in Portland, Oregon in 1928 and have thoughtfully and proudly served clients in the Pacific Northwest for over eight decades. Our heritage of achievement began as Strand, Atkinson, Williams & York and now continues as Umpqua Investments. We're a local investment services firm that delivers unsurpassed service and a common sense approach to investing.

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An independent financial professional; now there's an interesting idea.

As an independent company, we're not bound to in-house products, families of funds or a single investment approach. This allows us to create an innovative, personalized plan for each client – a plan that addresses your specific needs and goals without limitations. In addition, our financial professionals also happen to live nearby. So we not only know you, we share your values. And being local means working with a real person you trust.

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