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Jeani Winterbourne, President/CEO

Jeani Winterbourne, President/CEO

Eighty years in the making, Umpqua Investments is a part of Umpqua Holdings Corporation. The Umpqua name stands for integrity, service and innovation in financial services. We have a common sense approach to investment services: Working together.

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Ten things investors should know today

It's true for all of us: Our biases influence our perceptions. As a result, our perceptions don't always match reality. Today many investors seem to be acting based on their perceptions of what's happening in the economy and markets, but those notions don't necessarily match up with what our top strategists are observing.

Our goal is to give you the facts on 10 issues we believe are critical for investors to understand. With intelligent planning and investing, investors should be able to realize their financial goals. Click below to read more about the 10 things. The article was prepared by Wells Fargo Advisors' Investment Committee and made available to Umpqua Investments through our relationship with First Clearing.


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Manage Your Account the Smart (Phone) Way

Introducing Mobile Brokerage, which allows you to do the following from your smartphone:

  • Check account activity and balance
  • Get real-time quotes, charts, symbol lookup, and option information
  • Mobile trading of stocks, ETFs and options
  • View and modify open orders
  • Get details on holdings
  • Read market news and access market data
  • Find market index information


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Peter Williams, Senior Vice President-Investments, discusses what it is about Umpqua Investments' culture that attracts and retains the best financial advisors in the industry.

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